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Car Alarm Batteries

Car Alarm Batteries

GP 23AE car alarm batteryWhen buying a second hand car it is always worth checking or replacing the car alarm batteries, usually the ones in the car alarm remote.

Often these are unusual or hard to find battery types. I looked in so many "big name" places on the web for a Vinnic L 1028 12V Alkaline battery for one alarm remote and a GP Ultra 23AE 12V Alkaline battery for the other. They're both the same type of battery but were so hard to find.

It so turns out that the GP 23AE 12V is the same as the A23, VA23GA, Memorex MS21/MN21, Renata VR22 and the Vinnic L1028.

So if you're looking for any of those car alarm batteries, the place to get them online is at http://www.watchbattery.co.uk/photobatteries.htm at the section of the page on cordless phone, alarm, key fob, other batteries. The price is good (so order a card-full of spares to go in the drawer) and the service is fantastic.

Give www.watchbattery.co.uk a go :D


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