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New Servers for MantaWorld

New Servers for MantaWorld

OK, so things started to get hot at MantaWorld.com and the traffic has pretty much trebled over the last month. So we had to keep our rapidly increasing costs in check and invested in new hosting. Hopefully the initial new serversshort term expenditure will lead to a long term reduction in operating costs. As such we've added a donate button under the menu system for anyone wishing to make any small donations. Any help is greatly appreciated.

There's also a new contact us page to make it easier to reach us. So feel free to get in touch if you have any articles, ideas for features or wish to exchange links for sites of related interest.

Nearly Forgot - Mantas & Classic Car Galleries

Ooops. Yes, we've been so busy we forgot to mention the start of the new Manta Picture Gallery with photos from way back in 2000 to get the ball rolling, and for those of you interested, there's a classic car picture gallery too, showing the recent trip to the Beaulieu National Motor Museum.

Enjoy :D

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