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Manta RC CarNow excuse me for swearing but this is just completely f**king awesome...

Quick trip down memory lane : I used to have a Tamiya Rough Rider RC car back in 1980 and it's still in my loft minus a body. It was the same as the Sand Scorcher which was the same RC car chassis with the VW 'baja bug' body.

But to see a classy little Manta body on a brand new RC car chassis really impressed me. To think that our classic car lives again in polycarbonate form as a new RC car is just brilliant. Whoever decided to produce this body is a genius.

My old Tamiya was a 30mph electric motor version, but this little beauty is a Carsons CH4 chassis Nitro Petrol model, with 2-speed transmission, fully independent suspension and four wheel drive (wow, four wheel-drive Manta, can you imagine a 4x4 Manta?) This should prove to be a right little goer.

Expect to pay around £30 for the bodyshell or around £200 for the RC Car itself. Ontop of that you'll need a transmitter, servos, glow plugs, glow starter & charger and nitro fuel.

You can get one of these little beauties by ringing RC Hobby on 01274 355800


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