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Do the Manta Ray (project)

Do the Manta Ray (Opel Manta A Series project)

Do the Manta RaySo... do you wanna do the Manta Ray? Too late, two dudes from Belgium beat ya to it... Jakkerd and Fred are doing a cool Manta A project, modestly titled "follow the creation of the ultimate ride".

Their project is well under way, having started in August last year. Phase 1 is already complete and Phase 2 is happening right now.

The whole project is totally documented in photographic style with pictures & comments on everything from donor cars, Shrek, dogs, pastry, Kriek beer and fires to a guest appearance or two from the son of god.

They've also got a list of things they need, currently a fat set of chrome wheels and a barrow load of cash and a tally of the cost so far.

And they got decent taste in music too.

So what you waiting for go check out their Manta Ray project


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