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Ascona 400 RC Car

Ascona 400 RC Car

Tamiya Ascona 400 Rally RC carI was only saying the other day in the Manta RC Car news about how I had my old Tamiya Rough Rider RC car in the loft. I was looking for a replacement body for it and stumbled across a Tamiya Opel Ascona 400 Rally body. Never knew they did one.

Tamiya Opel Ascona 400 Rally RC car- completeIf the Tamiya Rough Rider is anything to go by then this Ascona 400 Rally will be a similar electric motor powered car, though the Rough Rider 'sand rail' shared its chassis with the Sand Scorcher 'Baja Bug' both being very capable Baja racers with fat rear sand tyres and heavy duty suspension.

So on further investigation this Ascona has Tamiya model number 58037 and was released in November 1983, sharing the chassis with the Tamiya Audi Quattro #58036. There's more info, pictures and parts over at Tamiyaclub.com. Thanks to Big Few for the Ascona 400 photo here ;)

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