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578 HP Manta A Burnout Vid

578 HP Manta A Burnout vid

578 hp Manta AThat's what I said didn't I? A 578 horsepower Manta A and it's here on film doing a burnout. You can see the film by following the link to the 578hp Manta or on the picture. And watchout if you're on dial-up: the film is in mpeg format and about 3.1megs.

And how do we know it's 578 horsepower? Because it says so on the Swedish Hilmersson Racing website (Swedish but it does have a link to English pages) and it's on the front cover of the 66th edition of the Vmax magazine (Danish)

This car is absolutely awesome. The cover of Vmax66, titles it up "Monster Manta" and rightly so. It used to be Granada V6 powered but now has a Volvo B230 engine, Garret GT-40 turbo, stainless manifolds etc. It really is quite amazing.

If you check out the other vids on the Hilmersson site you'll see a a 10meg film where the car's on the drag strip. This beast does the quarter mile in 10.63 and crosses the line at 218.2 kph, though he has topped 218.5 kph, that's about 135 mph if my maths is correct.


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