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Opel Manta - Gary's GTEHISTORY

This not being my Manta, I don't currently have the history on it. I hope to have some more photos here soon.


This is an '86 D-plate (D20 GTE) automatic Opel Manta GTE with Exclusive wheels, Irmscher Exclusive rear spoiler, twin lights and an RMJ rear skirt. It's in really nice condition and has a leather interior - the Recaros are the same 2-tone grey colour with the piping, just that they're covered in hide. Pretty neat.

Last time I saw Gary the Manta GTE was down at a local garage having some work done. When it wouldn't start we went through a list of items to check and change so I provided a relay switch and a fuel rail complete with new fuel filter but still couldn't get the car going.

After a few weeks of to-ing and fro-ing the last item on the list was the old Bosch engine management system (primitive as they were then) but before Gary came 'round to pick it up the mechanic admitted to have put the wires to the fuel pump on the wrong way round, so the fuel was continually being fed back into the tank. DuH !!

Anyway, thank god he fixed it, he was going nuts and nearly sold it - I'm glad he didn't - it's cost alot already but well worth every penny.

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