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Opel Manta - My 3.5 V8 Manta Exclusive GTEHISTORY

After spending some time with the V8 Register and going for a blast in Malcom's V8 Cavalier Sports Hatch, I got the urge to go V8 power. I bought a 3.5 Rover V8 engine (That's the same as the Buick) from a mate and it sat in my garage for a few years. In 2002 somebody had a half-decent Manta V8 project that was a right-time, right-place thing and, I bought it. This beast still needs work and improvement but we'll have to see what happens - it's always busy 'round here...

But what happened to the old V8 lump? Well, that went to Graham 'round the corner and he's going to be wedging it into a Manta A. Photos soon.

The beauty of this Manta is that it looks virtually standard, even down to the single tail pipe, so when people have a go they get a shock. I love customs of all sorts but the stealthier ones are my favourites. That's why my Legacy estate is so cool, that usually pisses people off when it beats their GTi off the lights :)

Anyway the V8 is capable of high 12s on the quarter mile and 0-60 in about 7 seconds. With some extra work and more mods I'm sure we could squeeze some more out of it. BHP on this one, with fuel-injection, is about 193BHP


Opel Manta with 3.5 V8 engineModel: 1988 Opel Manta GTE Exclusive
Colour: StarMist Black
Body kit: GTE skirts + airdam, Irmscher Exclusive 3-piece spoiler, Irmscher rear bumper, Irmscher twin lamps and Engelmann Manta 400 mirrors.
Interior: GTE grey velour minus carpets
Engine: (Buick) 3.5 litre Rover SD1 fuel injected V8, oil cooler, remote oil filter, twin electric fans. Approx 193 BHP.
Gearbox: Rover SD1 5-speed manual
Exhaust: Custom with Hedman Headers + single tail pipe.
Suspension: AVO adjustable front shock absorbers, Chassis Dynamics rear springs
Wheels: Black 15" Compomotive CX
Future Modifications: AVO adjustable rear shock absorbers + Chassis Dynamics 40mm front lowering springs (on the garage workbench), Manta 400 bonnet (in the garage) on gas rams

This Manta hasn't been on the road for over 2 years so I'm looking to make some money to finance it. If you want to help out feel free to look at the Manta spares section.

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