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Nutty Nik's Mega Manta

Before Mega Manta - click to enlarge
First sighting of the Mega Manta - click to enlarge

How I first met Nutty Nik I really can't remember, but it may have been a Google web search or something where I first discovered the old Manta B with a small block Chevy shoe-horned in. At the time I was very seriously considering my own Rover V8 conversion, so to find a Chevy powered Manta was quite unusual. The Mega Manta was awesome even then in its primer. It has certainly come on a long way since the days when it was a blue Manta B.

Mega Manta was so named because of its Manta Mega wide bodykit from Mantsel. Anyway the modified Evolution bodykit is impressive - the Manta gets a good few inches wider and that all adds to the presence of this particular beast. In the bodywork department Nik's added plenty of touches of his own including circular rear lights, pilarless coupe style, limo black perspex windows, modified BMW M3 style mirrors (originally intended for fitting to a VW Polo G40) and amodified bonnet to cater for the "bug catcher" sitting atop the furious Chevy V8.

The paintjob has gone from the blue (with red + yellow stripe) to Ferrari red and now metalflake candy red. Twice. Whilst welding Nik set light to a coil of cable and started a small fire. Ended up blistering the paint on the roof and had to start again!

Mega Manta - click to enlarge

Beauty, they say is more than skin deep, and underneath the testosterone-fueled exterior is an equally brutal heart in a rigid space-frame front end with full 8-point roll cage, strengthened roof and floorpan.

The 327 cubic inch small block Chevy, with roller rockers, fast road/race cam, all pollished/ported/lightened/balanced etc. sits nicely in the engine bay with the street scoop atop.

The interior consists of a custom dashboard with digital clocks, Reacaro seats with hotwire piping, harnesses etc.

More soon.

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