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Modified A series 3.9 V8 Manta

Paul's Modified A series 3.9 V8 Manta

Modified A series 3.9 V8Having not been on the scene for a while it's nice when people drop us a line to point out some new and unseen projects, especially the modified cars. Paul Holtom's 3.9 litre Rover V8 powered A series is no exception.

This 1972 Manta has been restored and modified over a 5 year period and it's stock looks belie its street-sleeper attitude. Apart from the obvious set of Engelmann mirrors and Commodore B GS/E Sport 5 stud wheels (in steel) this classic Opel looks just as its designer Chuck Jordan originally intended back in 1970.

Modified A series 3.9 V8 engineThe engine is a Rover 3.9 V8 with stage 1 heads, piper cams, Weber 4 barrel carburettor, Mallory Distributor and a lightened and balanced flywheel and bottom end. A V8 of this spec must have approx 200BHP.

This is all kept cool with a Monza radiator and exhaust provided by custom outlet manifolds to a stainless steel single pipe exhaust - stealthy.

The power is transferred via a Monza 5 speed gearbox, through a modified Carlton A series Interiorpropshaft, to the rear axle; a narrowed Opel Commodore B GS/E unit, with LSD & disc brakes, apparently the same as on the Manta 400.

The Commodore again provides parts for braking in the master cylinder department with 3rd party drilled and vented discs and greenstuff brake pads, for suspension with stock lower suspension arms and the Commodore 5 stud hubs to which those classic wheels of steel are bolted.

And did we mention; this classic early 70s sportscar also eats Golf VR6s for breakfast :D

If you need any more information about this conversion please contact [email protected]

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