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General Advice for Bodykits

Bodykits by their very nature are non-original equipment, so even though they are designed for a particular car, don't expect to simply fit the kit and it look perfect straight off the shelf. They do require work to fit well, so either spend some time fitting it or get someone with experience to do it. There's nothing worse than a badly-fitted bodykit - whether it be for the owner or for the car - if it's done badly, people will notice and rather than being cool, quite the opposite will happen.

Manta 400 Bodykit

OK, so there's been a number of bodykits available over the years, the most obvious and popular kit being the Manta 400 bodykit, usually a replica of the panels on the Manta400. I had a replica 400 bodykit on my old 1975 Vauxhall Cavalier Coupe - it consisted of all fibreglass parts including sills/running boards, front wheel arches, rear wheel arches, 400 bonnet, and 3-piece 400 boot spoiler all integrated into the boot lid itself. I managed to salvage a number of the pieces, some better than others and have kept the arches and nosecone. I do have a really good quality 400 bonnet but that's for my V8 project.

TIP - some really cheap bodykits have a lot of 'flash' particularly around the air vents on the 400 bonnet. This is simply where the mould splits and the material leaks into the gap. If the flash is not removed they can look very cheap and nasty - either spend time getting the profile right or spend some more money on a better quality bodykit.

Manta 400 Bodykit Suppliers

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