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Opel Manta Tuning

The Opel Manta is a good car for tuning - and we're not talking just bolt-on bits of plastic here - they come later. The purists may cringe at any changes other than replacing parts on a standard Manta and that's entirley up to them - I respect that. But in turn those who improve their cars must deserve equal respect. 'nuff said.

Here's our tuning sections so far...

And some links directly to some of the tuning parts manufacturers...

  • Irmscher - The tuning house that came up with the Exclusive GTE bodykit
  • Kent Cams - Manufacturers of lumpy old favourites such as the OP244 camshaft
  • Lexmaul - German Opel Tuning. They still do some Manta parts.
  • Lenk - Another German tuning company - Still quite a selection of Manta items including panels and spoilers
  • Schrik - German engine tuning comaony, did trick cams and valve train parts (in English but only for MSIE)


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