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Custom Chrome

Custom Chrome

Chromapart custom chrome LogoLooking for some custom chrome for your classic Manta, custom car or even your Harley Davidson? What about some chrome paint or get those old Compomotive CX wheels chrome plated?

This April 2005 chrome plating, chrome paint, and all manner of chrome accessory services will be availble from Chromapart in South East London. Chromapart can lay chrome on metal, plastic, ABS, fibreglass, urethane, polyethylene, polypropylene and other non-conductive materials !

Custom chrome bikeThe guys at Chromapart can chrome parts using new chrome covering techniques and these new processes are purported to be resistant to colour fading, cracking & pitting and salt resistant too.

Chromapart are able to completely coat a complete car in any color chrome finish, just check out the truck below to see what's possible.

Custom Chrome truck Custom Chrome door





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