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Wiking Opel Manta A Series 1:87 Scale Model

Although I've personally only ever owned Manta Bs I still love the original A Series. My friend Chris had a Manta A in this lurid green colour - he called it the "snot rocket".

Manta A Series - 1:87 scale model - WikingThis particular scale model is currently the only all-plastic replica Manta I own and it's a 1:87 scale model by the historic Wiking (Viking) of Germany. To give you an idea of the size, a penny in it's edge is taller than this model!

As you'd ecpect from our freinds in Germany this is yet another quality item, faithfully reproduced to look exactly the same as any road-going A Series minus the rust and whiff of 10W40.

If you are looking for Manta scale models to buy and have any difficulties obtaining them then please feel free to contact us, we might just be able to help you out.



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