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The Opel Manta A (1970-1975)

'69 Ford Capri - 'nuff saidThe rivalry between the Capri and the Manta goes back to the 1960s. Ford introduced their new sportscar, the Ford Capri back in 1969 whilst the Opel Manta was still on the drawing board. Their idea was to bring a low-cost, 2 to 4 seater sports car to the general public, and cheap it was, sharing many parts with the Cortina. Right, that's enough about Ford, let's get on with the interesting bit...

Opel Manta A (Yes, Steve, it's yours!)Meanwhile in the bat-cave in Russelsheim, the clever guys at Opel were working on "Project 1450" to produce a safe and stylish alternative with coil springs, a new rear axle etc. - all the new innovations of the time. Before long the little beauty we all know and love as the Manta A had left the drawing board and started putting on weight, so they put in the 1584cc engine. Unveiled in 1970, the new Manta A was well received by the public. Not only did it look good but it was quick and handled too.

Other versions of the Manta A included the Manta Rallye and the Manta Turbo (Broadspeed Turbo?) amongst others. More soon.


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