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Opel Manta History

Opel Manta History

Starting with the Manta A in 1970 Opel produced the sportscar through until the last one rolled off the production line in Antwerp, Belgium in 1988; that's 13 years of genuinely great and honest sporting cars with a great pedigree and, let's be honest here, nothing has really matched this since, especially when you consider the rivalry with the Ford Capri.

The rise of the 'hot hatch' seems to continue and when you consider the popularity today of the Saxo, Nova & Corsa you realise just how different things were. I drove my girlfriend's 106 GTi a few times, and even though it was quick and handled quite well it's still a little car and the pedals are too close together. Have people evolved to drive these smaller cars over the last few years? Do the guys who drive them have smaller feet...?

I'm happy with my 14', rear wheel drive Manta anyday - BMW still continue to promote the fact that everything they do is RWD, so it's gotta be good. And the girls love it. Strangely enough the Capri and the Manta were quite popular with the ladies, wasn't the female ownership figure of the Manta A something like 60% and the Capri was supposedly designed for the birds?



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