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Manta - Used Car Buying Guide

Manta - Used Car Buying Guide

Opel stopped making the Manta back in 1988, so unless you've seen one stored in a barn with just the dealer's original delivery mileage on it, then you're going to have to apply all your used car buying knowledge.

Used Manta B, C, CC

First up will be the age factor. Obviously there hasn't been a new Manta since the late 80s, so your used car will be between 17 and 30 years old.

All cars will have certain elements of wear and tear - oil leaks, oil pressure drops, torn seats, worn clutch, rattly panels, missing trim etc But here's a list of specific items to look for...

  1. Mechanical & Electrical Items

    • Timing chains on CiH engines can rattle

    • Voltage Meters on the back of dashboards can age and wear - knocking your instruments out (eratic oil guages)

  2. Rust - the design is known for some rust traps, notably:

    • Front sills on models with sunroof like the GTE. The sunroof drainage holes were built to empty out into the sill (?) and the sills can and do rot.

    • The Floorpan can get a bit holey, especially in the footwells - the carpet has a thick foam backing that soaks up water and retains it. Also, the seam at the bulkhead seams have been known to split here on some ropey old examples.

    • Jacking Points at the front can fail due to a rusted floorpan.

    • Behind the front lights where the nosecone meets the inner wing. Water can collect in the seam where the panels meet.

    • Under the Battery Tray can be a place for rust - check from inside the car too, look up or have a poke around from the passenger side footwell (on RHD cars)

    • Under the washer water bottle is just the opposite side from the battery tray, so check from the drivers side, again on RHD cars.

    • The 'A' pillar panel in very extreme cases can rot - that's the pillar/panel that the door hinges to.

    • Other areas are just as common as they are on all cars - check the wheel arches, bottom of the doors, behind the rubbers on tailgates etc.

Check your Manta thoroughly for rust before committing to buy. There are a few replacement panels left, some new, some aftermarket, either that or a very good rummage through an autojumble may or may not turn something up. Check our parts section too for sale items and suppliers.

Some people have been known to fabricate their own panels or items so bear in mind the time/cost of finding replacement parts before you've even got 'round to fitting them.

Other than that, the Manta is a reliable and fun car. If there's anything important we've missed off the list please let us know

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