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Wrecked Ford Capri

Wrecked Ford Capri - click for enlargementWrecked Ford Capri

I was passing by a row of old houses today on my bike when I saw in the grounds a wrecked Ford Capri Mk1 looking very sorry for itself. The house had been completely demolished and all that was left was this lonely old 1972 Mk1.

The demolition guys said it was completely overgrown with trees and bushes when they eventually discovered it, so how long it had been there they didn't know.

Wrecked Ford Capri - click for enlargementThe amount of time it had stood there, probably many years, meant it was most definately unsavable, all the glass was gone, it was covered in sh*te, the panels were falling off, it had been crushed and the chassis looked totally rotten.

So, even though the Capri was the Manta's rival, another old classic sports car leaves the world...


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