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Wheels Day 2005

Vote for the only Opel Manta

AutoTrader Motor ShowOK Manta fans - you know your duty... Get over to the AutoTrader's Motor Show Curves & Chrome Competition gallery and vote for the only Opel Manta in there! It is of course Nutty Nik's Mega Manta so you know how good it is... so go vote, I reckon it's a HOT 10/10

Now OK, you may say we're a little biased here, but here's the deal...

The competition is for cars that have been modded and with statements like...

"Have you turned a boring and average motor in to a blinged-up sexy, racing machine?"


"Have you spent months modding your motor?"

You just have to ask yourself...

...does adding clear indicators, changing the springs & shocks and swapping the wheels equate to modding a motor?

Is a paint job enough?

Is an ICE install the only thing some of these people have done?

Are some of these cars still boring old shopping carts just with go-faster stripes? (Ooh, I sprayed my dashboard pink, woopee-f**king-doo!)

Now, when you take a genuine classic Opel Manta, build a new chassis, add a mega wide body kit & wheels, wedge in a mighty V8, build a custom interior, fit the ICE, give it an awesome paint job AND it's still faster than anything else out there, then you just have to vote for the Mega Manta. Oh, and Nik's custom GM truck while you're at it too ;)

What you waiting for? Go Vote!

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