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Revell model Opel Manta GTE The Revell model Opel Manta has been around for a while now. It's a die-cast 1:18 scale model of the GTE with moving parts such as doors, bonnet (hood) and steering wheel. They're available in white or yellow and have twin lamp kits, 400 mirrors, GTE spoiler and are left-hand drive. Funny that, where was there a GTE produced that had that spec?

I picked mine up a couple of years ago, about 2002 from what I recall, and it's sat on top of my TV - probably the only 'ornament' I have in the lounge.

Go to the models page for more Opel Manta models - there's quite a few of them.

There's a number of places to get them from so here's a list to help you out...

UK - Revell model Opel Manta stockists

Modern Models - Frimley, Surrey
Hobbies Plus - SE London

International - Revell model Opel Manta stockists

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