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Manta Cartoon

Opel Manta Cartoon

Carl Greatrix over at Cartoon Cars has got a couple of Opel Manta cartoons in his range of prints for sale.

Red Manta GTE ExclusiveBlack Manta GTE Exclusive

The two listed Mantas are both Manta GTE Exclusive coupes complete with Irmscher twin lights, Engelmann Manta 400 style mirrors, Irmscher Exclusive GTE spoiler, tinted glass and fat 5-spoke alloys. If the black one had black Compomotive CXs it'd look just like my V8 GTE.

Talking of which, if you want an exclusive Manta private commission, Carl can do those for you too. Just think, your very own Manta immortalised in ink...

If you navigate over to his prints > vauxhall/opel section he's even got Mk1 Astra and a Lotus Carlton in there :)


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