Opel Manta

Old Opels at the scrapyard

Old Opels at the scrapyard

I've had to send a few old Opels to the scrapyard myself over the years, all of them Manta GTEs bar the old 1975 Vauxhall Cavalier Coupe that was pretending to be a Manta 400.

A few months ago I saw a website with a few photos of some sad old Opels languishing in a scrapyard in Belgium. In the main picture of the page a yard in Belgium you can make out an Opel Commodore to the left of the photo, but the main Opels listed are a Manta A, Rekord C, Rekord C coupe alongside an Kapitan A and an old Rekord P2 coupe.

There's all sorts of other old scrap cars at the site to browse through including Renault 4, Skoda S 1100 Coupe, NSU RO80... fascinating stuff.

Better hurry - with all the broken links the site itself could be ending up in the scrapyard itself.



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