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Opel Manta A Cabrio

Opel Manta A Cabrio

I was just surfing the web (as you do) and I found a great little German site called "CabrioNews". The first thing that caught my attention was the featured Manta A Cabrio - I'm sure I've seen it before somewhere but it was very neat indeed. Then I noticed they had an Opel GT Cabrio, a Kadett C Aero and (seen these before) the Ascona C Cabrio, the same as our Vauxhall Cavalier Centaur from what I recall - wicked Grin

There were some other ragtop Vauxhall/Opels there but you'll see them when you get there...

So that's enough from me go and have a look at the A Cabrio at www.CabrioNews.de


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