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Holden Monaro

Holden Monaro

Holden Monaro
Holden Monaro photo courtesy of freefoto.com

Based on the Australian Holden Monaro, the Vauxhall Monaro /Opel Monaro is a modern day musclecar. The Monaro specs are impressive with rear-wheel drive, RHD, 5.7 litre V8 engine, 328BHP and 374lb/ft torque, does 0-60 in a tad over 6 seconds and is purported to have a top speed of 160MPH+

The new Holden Monaro has all the modcons you'd expect from a modern car such as leather seats, aircon, all airbags, CD multi and sits on 18" alloy wheels with traction control that you can switch off :D

Holden's Monaro name dates back to '68 and has a proper musclecar pedigree, though they did do a 4-door version in the late '70s.

There is also an HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) Monaro, the tuned version, with 400BHP http://www.hsv.com.au/


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