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Fuel PricesWell, Opel Manta drivers, there's nothing like fuel prices to wind-up British motorists is there?

You could say that high fuel prices prevent us from driving too much, giving the environment a chance and promoting development in alternative fuel technologies. But every Opel Manta drinks petrol - there is no diesel Opel Manta (AFAIK) and a Hybrid Manta, well... Oh we did have a Solar-powered Manta some while back but it wasn't an Opel ;)

So. What's a Man(ta) to do?

Well, in response to high fuel prices, one man has set up a scheme which he hopes will attract enough membership to make it viable. The scheme is the Pipeline Card. The organisation is in discussion with a major fuel dealer and, if the target membership can be achieved, then the Pipeline Card scheme will be able to offer a discount, they say, of between 5p and 10p per litre of fuel ! And the best part is that it's FREE.

Pipeline fuel cardGo to the pipeline website, have a read and if you think it will make a difference sign-up to register your interest for a free card. And if you want to see more then have a look at the ITN TV report on the story (only available for Internet Explorer 6 browsers) with annoying ad before the report!

Spread the word, get the link to this story.

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