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About Opel Manta World

About MantaWorld

MantaWorld.com is a personal website, free to view since 1998 and adopting the MantaWorld.com (domain) name in 1999.

MantaWorld.com is primarily dedicated to providing news and information about the Opel Manta, last produced some 17 years ago. In addition we provide news and views on other classic Opel cars such as the Ascona, take an interest in newer GM vehicles such as Holden's Monaro and have a good look at all other classic vehicles, custom cars and hot rods.

MantaWorld.com always has been and remains a personal website.

Help & Donations

As such we invest a lot of time and energy not to mention the hosting and bandwidth costs on a personal budget so any help is greatly appreciated whether through sponsorship, advertising, technical or material contributions or financial donations.

If you would like to contribute to MantaWorld please feel free to

Alternatively you can get in touch with us and see what we can do together, just fill in our contact form...

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