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Opel Manta and Car News


We're still here... Just ;-) We'll update you sometime soon on what's happening at Opel Manta World. It's taken a while but here's our twitter feed: @OpelMantaWorld


August New Opel Manta 400 model from Revell

January Happy New Year to all you Opel Manta owners and Opel fans.

We're celebrating 10 Years on the 'net :)


June Take a look at our Opel Manta Parts on eBay

April OK, boys and girls, it's Wheels Day 2007.

February All British Opel Manta drivers should sign the petition against road charging.


25th April Vote for the only Opel Manta in the Autotrader Motor Show

Surrey Street Rodders 32nd Anniversary14th April It's gonna be a Good Friday...
It's Wheels Day 2006 from the Surrey Street Rodders, now in it's 32nd anniversary year!

10th February Beat high fuel prices

30th January Move Over, Lane hog

24th January Silver Cars are safer

1st January Happy New Year Opel Manta fans :)


24 August The Opel Monaro just got a bit more brutal with the launch of the Monaro VXR.

23 August Just added a new link to the International section of our links page for the Opel Club Belgium, a nieuwe Flemish Opel Club site :)

04 July Exclusive Coupe SOLD

25 March Hot off the press, photos of Wheels Day 2005

22 March Wheels Day 2005

V8 Manta SR19 March 5.8 litre V8 Manta SR For Sale - 1976, Techno blue, 410 BHP 5.8 litre Chevy V8, as featured in July 2004's Street Machine magazine. Forget plasticing up your Nova, this is a real car...

Street Sleeper V8 Manta A16 March Street Sleeper V8 Manta A - 3.9 litre Rover V8 power squeezed into an A Series... and yet, it looks like butter wouldn't melt in it's... engine block!


27 Feb We've got new servers...

30 Jan We got the first of our custom car picture galleries up :D

25 Jan Anyone want to Do the Manta Ray?

18 Jan Let cars Rust In Peace - quick hide your motor, there's a new amnesty on old cars.

16 Jan Hurry, hurry, hurry Manta 400 for sale

15 Jan Here's a cool GM cousin, the Holden Monaro

10 Jan Are you looking for those hard-to-find Car Alarm Batteries ?


30 Dec Road/Rally Manta for Sale (not sure if it's still there or not)

24 Dec Merry Christmas from MantaWorld

03 Dec Old Opels at the scrapyard

26 Nov OK, so who's got a 1979 Z28 Camaro?

25 Nov I didn't know Tamiya did an Ascona 400 RC car

20 Nov It's NOT an Opel but it IS a Manta, sortof, a solar-powered one...

Opel Manta Cartoons13 Nov Exclusive GTE Opel Manta Cartoons by Carl Greatrix.

Wrecked Ford Capri08 Sep Poor old wrecked Ford Capri...

06 Sep Rare cars go up in flames...

26 Aug Employees at GM's Opel Faces Wage Cuts

26 Aug Does anyone want to see the 12 second minivan?

Ascona18 Aug Saw this cracking little Opel Ascona today...

09 Aug Which will win, Opel Manta or Ford Capri...?

07 Aug The Revell model Opel Manta has been around for a while now...

Revell model Manta GTE05 Aug Rumours abound, could there be a brand new Opel Manta for 2005...?

02 Aug The race is on. MantaWorld is piecing itself back together, though most of 'the clan' have left the Opel Manta fold and gone to other places. Chris & his bro' Andy now each own a Pontiac Bonneville, Cat has a convertible Beetle, Gareth went all Ford Escort then Peugeot 306 and John... whatever happened to Johnny Boy?

I got me a Subaru Legacy but I still have my trusty old 3.5 V8 Exclusive GTE and I'm hoping to earn enough dough this next year to get the old war-horse tearing up the tarmac.

Also got to welcome Gary, with his fantastic-condition Opel Manta GTE Auto, but more will become apparent later, one of the South's best-kept Opel Manta secrets ;)

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